Monday, December 19, 2011

Woo Woo Woo They Did It?

Here I go in my congratulations blog to the WWE for doing the impossible and I am not talking about putting a title on Zack Ryder finally.  I'm talking about having a PPV without the usual suspects being in the main event, stealing the show for their own, even though they hadn't done much all year long.  It was in all honesty one of the best PPVs that the WWE had put on in years, I mean you had CM Punk, The Miz and ADR main eventing without a Cena in sight, Daniel Bryan won his very first Heavyweight Championship to the pleasure of most fans and some were left scratching their heads in confusion and Zack Ryder, the Woo Woo Woo kid finally did his fans justice by bringing down Dolph Ziggler!

WWE put on a fantastic product last night and I hope they learned a lesson.  John Cena doesn't have to be everywhere for something from them to be good

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