Monday, December 5, 2011

If It's that Awful... Why Watch?

That is the question that pops in my mind each time I see that dreaded hash tag, #TNAwful.  I see it too often.  When people are comparing the TNA product to the WWE product, when they are watching a KnockOuts segment but they are still praising the company for their stellar women’s division.  Throughout the entire two hours that the promotion is on TV all I see on Twitter is TNAwful.  Okay I’m not saying that TNA is the greatest wrestling promotion in the business today, hell WWE is barely the greatest wrestling promotion but I digress from that point.  I just want to know what the hell is up with this hashtag.  Okay I get the whole freedom of expression bit, and that its twitter and people can pretty much say whatever they want, but when you constantly blast a promotion for their less than stellar storylines on a week to week basis….

It gets troubling….
I’ve stated that neither major corporation is at the top of their game, I’ve stated that the storylines aren’t great but you know what I still watch for the sheer fac t that no matter what I’m entertained.  Once the enjoyment factor is gone … I move on.  I mean the world doesn’t revolve around those guys… there are other great promotions to keep an eye out for: ROH, CZW, AIW only to name a few.  So once it gets frustrating simply turn off the TV take out that lovely computer that you happen to be sitting at and look for it.  Trust me they aren’t that hard to find, I mean I found them.  Hell you never know in the indy promotion you are watching you could be looking at the next big thing in wrestling, working his butt off to get to the top.  Maybe I should start my own Hash Tag for the lovely fans that complain about everything? 

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