Monday, December 19, 2011

Woo Woo Woo They Did It?

Here I go in my congratulations blog to the WWE for doing the impossible and I am not talking about putting a title on Zack Ryder finally.  I'm talking about having a PPV without the usual suspects being in the main event, stealing the show for their own, even though they hadn't done much all year long.  It was in all honesty one of the best PPVs that the WWE had put on in years, I mean you had CM Punk, The Miz and ADR main eventing without a Cena in sight, Daniel Bryan won his very first Heavyweight Championship to the pleasure of most fans and some were left scratching their heads in confusion and Zack Ryder, the Woo Woo Woo kid finally did his fans justice by bringing down Dolph Ziggler!

WWE put on a fantastic product last night and I hope they learned a lesson.  John Cena doesn't have to be everywhere for something from them to be good

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear TNA

You don't need anymore Divas on your roster, you don't need anymore spotlight stealing ladies, especially since you have a lot of ladies on your roster that needs the spotlight more than any former Diva that you could possibly hire.  I understand the return of Gail Kim, I mean it wouldn't make any sense if the first KOs Champ didn't go back to the company that utilized her the way she needed to be utilized.  Although right now she isn't exactly being utilized in the way I thought she would have been, I mean to be honest I would have put her in a good feud with Velvet and not Mickie James, but that is just me.  Okay but that is getting far far from the point I am trying to make....

Ready for the point?  Here it is: Melina.  Melina Perez, the diva that left WWE at the same time as Gail.  I get she is super talented and I get that she might be super sweet, but here's the thing: TNA don't need her.  TNA has so many ace girls on their roster and the addition of a woman like Melina just steals the chances away from the ladies.  I mean looking at the TNA roster I see 5 women that can be used a whole lot better or more. Rosita, Sarita, ODB, Winter and Angelina.  Yes you did read that right I did say Angelina and yes I am talking about the 5 time Knockouts Champion but yet she's getting used for car washes and other stuff that makes me go O_O. 

TNA you have so much talent with your ladies there is no need to hire another lady talent because I can assure you that the door you keep opening for the has been talent of WWE is gonna be the same exact door that your current talent is gonna walk right out of.

Monday, December 12, 2011

If you got nothing nice to say..

Don't say it all... right?  That is a very valuable lesson that a lot of wrestling fans need to learn when they watch a promotion.  You see last night I was watching TNA's PPV Final Resolution and looked at Twitter at the same time.  I had to keep myself from unfollowing my entire list of followers. I mean most of the comments I saw about the PPV were all negative. I get not liking some of the things that the company does but when you watch something to trash on the entire promotion is just silly.  I've always been taught that if you don't like something you don't need to have it.  What are you trying to prove by watching something that you don't like?  That you are a good wrestling fan?  Because I got a secret to let you in on, it doesn't make you a good wrestling fan.  It makes you just as bad as the dirt sheets that say Nick Jackson and Jay Lethal took shots at that company. 

Admittedly this has been a short little blog about the PPV last night... mostly because, while it was a good show the discouraging comments from the would be fans are all that are on my mind right now.  Maybe if I rewatch it I will be able to give you some highlights..

Monday, December 5, 2011

If It's that Awful... Why Watch?

That is the question that pops in my mind each time I see that dreaded hash tag, #TNAwful.  I see it too often.  When people are comparing the TNA product to the WWE product, when they are watching a KnockOuts segment but they are still praising the company for their stellar women’s division.  Throughout the entire two hours that the promotion is on TV all I see on Twitter is TNAwful.  Okay I’m not saying that TNA is the greatest wrestling promotion in the business today, hell WWE is barely the greatest wrestling promotion but I digress from that point.  I just want to know what the hell is up with this hashtag.  Okay I get the whole freedom of expression bit, and that its twitter and people can pretty much say whatever they want, but when you constantly blast a promotion for their less than stellar storylines on a week to week basis….

It gets troubling….
I’ve stated that neither major corporation is at the top of their game, I’ve stated that the storylines aren’t great but you know what I still watch for the sheer fac t that no matter what I’m entertained.  Once the enjoyment factor is gone … I move on.  I mean the world doesn’t revolve around those guys… there are other great promotions to keep an eye out for: ROH, CZW, AIW only to name a few.  So once it gets frustrating simply turn off the TV take out that lovely computer that you happen to be sitting at and look for it.  Trust me they aren’t that hard to find, I mean I found them.  Hell you never know in the indy promotion you are watching you could be looking at the next big thing in wrestling, working his butt off to get to the top.  Maybe I should start my own Hash Tag for the lovely fans that complain about everything? 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Anti-Barbie Movement

No no I'm not talking about female wrestling fans in this blog I am actually talking about the side of the wrestling world that most fans look down upon, females in wrestling.  For years wrestling had been seen as a man's sport, only men were the ones that were worthy of being cared about.  In the 90s, a new era of wrestling was ushered in, where more females became involved.  The likes of Miss Elizabeth, Sensational Sherri, Terri, Sunny, Sable and Debra to name a few were just as important as the men the stood beside or in some cases behind.  These ladies made it possible for the ladies that we see in the ring today.  The issue that I'm having with Females in Wrestling today isn;t the fact that they are "model" or "actresses" or whatever before they actually make it into the ring.  It's more so of the fact that they don't acknowledge the fact that there is that aspect to being a female int he wrestling ring.  The "anti Barbie" Movement isn't exactly my favorite movement in wrestling today, because in all honestly it's the single most ridiculous movement that I've seen in wrestling today.

"We're Wrestlers not Models?"  Uhmmmmm What?  In a major wrestling promotion like the WWE or TNA that mantra doesn't work per say.  Both WWE and TNA both say that they have the toughest and MOST BEAUTIFUL women in the world wrestling for them.  Modeling and looking good has got to be in your background for you to at least make it.  To hate one Diva or Knockout because they model before they wrestled is the craziest thing I've ever heard.  To love a Diva because she wrestled more than modeled is insane, because in the end they still do the same as that girl who modeled before she wrestled.  There is a difference between not liking a girl for her skill and not liking a girl for her background.  I've seen many of a Kelly Kelly hater not like Kelly because she was a model, as opposed for not liking her for the fact that she isn't the most skilled girl in the ring.  I've seen girls adore Velvet Sky because she didn't model first she went into wrestling and then modeled.  

Its a harsh world when it comes to ladies in wrestling and the opinions are insane.  So instead of going on forever about it... I will just leave it at... they are Models and Wrestlers ... there is definitely no in between on them.