Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear TNA

You don't need anymore Divas on your roster, you don't need anymore spotlight stealing ladies, especially since you have a lot of ladies on your roster that needs the spotlight more than any former Diva that you could possibly hire.  I understand the return of Gail Kim, I mean it wouldn't make any sense if the first KOs Champ didn't go back to the company that utilized her the way she needed to be utilized.  Although right now she isn't exactly being utilized in the way I thought she would have been, I mean to be honest I would have put her in a good feud with Velvet and not Mickie James, but that is just me.  Okay but that is getting far far from the point I am trying to make....

Ready for the point?  Here it is: Melina.  Melina Perez, the diva that left WWE at the same time as Gail.  I get she is super talented and I get that she might be super sweet, but here's the thing: TNA don't need her.  TNA has so many ace girls on their roster and the addition of a woman like Melina just steals the chances away from the ladies.  I mean looking at the TNA roster I see 5 women that can be used a whole lot better or more. Rosita, Sarita, ODB, Winter and Angelina.  Yes you did read that right I did say Angelina and yes I am talking about the 5 time Knockouts Champion but yet she's getting used for car washes and other stuff that makes me go O_O. 

TNA you have so much talent with your ladies there is no need to hire another lady talent because I can assure you that the door you keep opening for the has been talent of WWE is gonna be the same exact door that your current talent is gonna walk right out of.

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