Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fansites and You.

Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, just covering when you might be reading this post, if you will ever be actually reading it.  I'd like to welcome you to the class entitled "Fansites and You".  In this course you will find out the difference between a fansite AND an actual wrestler. 

Now I know what you are wonder or saying to yourself and it might be along the lines of; "but teacher I already know the difference."

I'm sorry folks but from what I see and get told by a good friend of mine that runs many a fansite, you really don't know the difference between the two.  Now my dear friend that I am talking about is a wonderful young lady by the name of Candice.  She runs many fansites ranging from a relative unknown independent wrestler named Danny DeManto all the way to WWE superstar Kane, and from what I am informed of she gets many a hate letter from Kane dislikers.

Now kids, my darlings, I hate to tell you this by Candice and I assure you a lot of other fansite runners do NOT like getting these hate tweets or hate messages because the wrestler that is associated with is a heel.  She's also received letters from Amazing Red fans thinking that she is Amazing Red and literally asking HIM why he left TNA.  You know if you had a question for him about that there was a Q&A a few months back, you could have asked that question til you were blue in the face.

I know it's a hard pill to swallow but here is the thing my loves, they are just fansites if they are in direct contact with the wrestler they will let you know.  Otherwise leave the fansite running alone all they are doing is providing updates to what the wrestler is currently doing.  Stop harassing them, stop sending them your hate mail, tweets and stop thinking that they are someone they are not.  In all honesty I dont want to know the many different personalities that Candice has taken on because as far as I know she has a very scary personality which is: A Nice Southern boy who is sometimes a high flying puerto rican who happens to be a cold hearted playa who is a giant with a killer knockout punch with a side order of being the devils favorite demon.  x-X pretty sure there is more to it.. but that is just scary 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bad Evan, How Could Yooooouuuuu?

That is what most of the tweets regarding the Evan Bourne suspension have been like.  Another good portion of them are he's stupid he won't last the remainder of this year.  Blah, okay.  Now we have judgment with a side of speculation.  Last but not least: I lost all respect for Evan because he got suspended again in less than 2 months, he's stupid, just completely and total judgment. 

Alright... Enough we get it, the guy fucked up yet again... whoop-dee-freaking-doo! What do you want a medal for just being a very very perfect citizen.  Someone who's never gone out and done the same bad thing once, twice, three times or more?  I mean if you have found a way not to make the same stupid choice a couple times: Please tell me how you did it, I beg you tell me!  I've done it, I've gone and played with the same fire that has burned me a few times, I think that is what people call being human.  I don't know where people got the idea that  Evan was a perfect little angelic cyborg like that one girl robot from that 80s series, but I know he isn't perfect. 

Whatever Evan is going through that is up to Evan to figure out how to get over.  I wish him the best of luck in doing so, and once again if you are offended by what I have to say.  I'm not sorry. 

Open Letter To Wrestling Fans

Dear Wrestling Fan,
Hi, my name is Amanda, like you I am a loyal fan of the sport called Professional Wrestling.  I enjoy watching it as much as you do, but … 

I’m not a crazy obsessive about it as most of you are. I’m not calling every wrestling fan in the world crazy, or obsessive just quite a bit of them. I admit; from time to time I might do the occasional tweet my favorite guy one to many times, or maybe be dead set to spend my last 20 bucks on something that I swear up and down that I have to have, but I don’t go as far as.  Harass every single person that my favorite guy has encountered swearing my love for them, nor do I stock up on Red Bull and not sleep for 40 hours to follow a promotion all across my state. 

That’s just a sign of taking things a little too far: I mean the first one I mentioned is massive signs of a potential serial killer, the other is just begging for many many counts of vehicular homicide charges.  I’m just going to inform all of the world right now of this one thing: “I did it because I love wrestling” is not a defense that holds up in the court of Law.  It just doesn’t, you find me a lawyer that will take the case and prove to a jury that you are innocent of your crimes I will be amazed.  Please don’t say Jose Baez either, I hear he is a very busy man looking for more ambulances to chase down.  

Remember my darling fellow wrestling fans, there is more to life than wrestling, go live it.  

Thanks for your time,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trololololing into the New Year

That's right, I said trolololololing into the New Year.  Why?  Because that is what WWE seems to want to do this year.  After a few solid weeks of having a little video interrupting entrances and segments of matches talking about someone coming in and taking what is rightfully his, A she having spoken... blah, blah, blah.. and what do we as the fans get?  Chris Jericho coming in running around the stage... PANDERING to the crowd.  A crowd that is dead for the pure fact that they saw the entire thing coming.  I find that whole thing that WWE seemed to have put on very off putting, especially since the company has a developmental program full of guys that could have fit into those videos perfectly.
Makes me wonder if we ever are going to see the debut of Rollins, Kruger, Brodus Clay ( he seems to be a running joke doesn't he? ) or my personal favorite Ambrose.  Jericho, I love you, you are the single most awesome human being in the wrestling ring, but you've been replaced as the Best in the World just let Punk have that title in peace and make music with your band.  The wrestling world was fine without you before and we will be fine without you again, I swear to you ... it will be all okay, for you my good sir have inspired many a young man to go down the path of being a wrestler and a lot of the young men that you have inspired definitely have a lot of potential in the wrestling ring to be the next great thing in professional wrestling. 

There were definitely more "Trolololol" moments on Raw last night: Like R-Truth quacking like a duck, Santino coming out and reminding everyone that he lasted longer in the Royal Rumble than Barrett, Kelly Kelly's ring attire looking a lot like a certain KOs ring gear, that title match that probably had a lot more potential and that main event.  Heck there were trololol moments that didn't make it on the screen ... and we all know what trololol moment I'm talking about, mentioned in earlier when talking about if people are ever gonna debut.... We all know him, we love him, we are a bit concerned about his safety at the moment: Brodus!  Has anyone seen the guy lately?  I mean Johnny Ace seems to be having phone conversations with him, but then again there are a lot of things Johnny Ace seems to be doing.  I'm worried... I fear that they've done something to Brodus and they aren't telling us... When they probably should because I don't care for the guy start showing concern for him... Speak to us Brodus... please!!!!

That's it for the trololololing... I'll see ya'll next time I have something interesting to say about what I see in wrestling