Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Open Letter To Wrestling Fans

Dear Wrestling Fan,
Hi, my name is Amanda, like you I am a loyal fan of the sport called Professional Wrestling.  I enjoy watching it as much as you do, but … 

I’m not a crazy obsessive about it as most of you are. I’m not calling every wrestling fan in the world crazy, or obsessive just quite a bit of them. I admit; from time to time I might do the occasional tweet my favorite guy one to many times, or maybe be dead set to spend my last 20 bucks on something that I swear up and down that I have to have, but I don’t go as far as.  Harass every single person that my favorite guy has encountered swearing my love for them, nor do I stock up on Red Bull and not sleep for 40 hours to follow a promotion all across my state. 

That’s just a sign of taking things a little too far: I mean the first one I mentioned is massive signs of a potential serial killer, the other is just begging for many many counts of vehicular homicide charges.  I’m just going to inform all of the world right now of this one thing: “I did it because I love wrestling” is not a defense that holds up in the court of Law.  It just doesn’t, you find me a lawyer that will take the case and prove to a jury that you are innocent of your crimes I will be amazed.  Please don’t say Jose Baez either, I hear he is a very busy man looking for more ambulances to chase down.  

Remember my darling fellow wrestling fans, there is more to life than wrestling, go live it.  

Thanks for your time,

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