Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trololololing into the New Year

That's right, I said trolololololing into the New Year.  Why?  Because that is what WWE seems to want to do this year.  After a few solid weeks of having a little video interrupting entrances and segments of matches talking about someone coming in and taking what is rightfully his, A she having spoken... blah, blah, blah.. and what do we as the fans get?  Chris Jericho coming in running around the stage... PANDERING to the crowd.  A crowd that is dead for the pure fact that they saw the entire thing coming.  I find that whole thing that WWE seemed to have put on very off putting, especially since the company has a developmental program full of guys that could have fit into those videos perfectly.
Makes me wonder if we ever are going to see the debut of Rollins, Kruger, Brodus Clay ( he seems to be a running joke doesn't he? ) or my personal favorite Ambrose.  Jericho, I love you, you are the single most awesome human being in the wrestling ring, but you've been replaced as the Best in the World just let Punk have that title in peace and make music with your band.  The wrestling world was fine without you before and we will be fine without you again, I swear to you ... it will be all okay, for you my good sir have inspired many a young man to go down the path of being a wrestler and a lot of the young men that you have inspired definitely have a lot of potential in the wrestling ring to be the next great thing in professional wrestling. 

There were definitely more "Trolololol" moments on Raw last night: Like R-Truth quacking like a duck, Santino coming out and reminding everyone that he lasted longer in the Royal Rumble than Barrett, Kelly Kelly's ring attire looking a lot like a certain KOs ring gear, that title match that probably had a lot more potential and that main event.  Heck there were trololol moments that didn't make it on the screen ... and we all know what trololol moment I'm talking about, mentioned in earlier when talking about if people are ever gonna debut.... We all know him, we love him, we are a bit concerned about his safety at the moment: Brodus!  Has anyone seen the guy lately?  I mean Johnny Ace seems to be having phone conversations with him, but then again there are a lot of things Johnny Ace seems to be doing.  I'm worried... I fear that they've done something to Brodus and they aren't telling us... When they probably should because I don't care for the guy start showing concern for him... Speak to us Brodus... please!!!!

That's it for the trololololing... I'll see ya'll next time I have something interesting to say about what I see in wrestling

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