Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fansites and You.

Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, just covering when you might be reading this post, if you will ever be actually reading it.  I'd like to welcome you to the class entitled "Fansites and You".  In this course you will find out the difference between a fansite AND an actual wrestler. 

Now I know what you are wonder or saying to yourself and it might be along the lines of; "but teacher I already know the difference."

I'm sorry folks but from what I see and get told by a good friend of mine that runs many a fansite, you really don't know the difference between the two.  Now my dear friend that I am talking about is a wonderful young lady by the name of Candice.  She runs many fansites ranging from a relative unknown independent wrestler named Danny DeManto all the way to WWE superstar Kane, and from what I am informed of she gets many a hate letter from Kane dislikers.

Now kids, my darlings, I hate to tell you this by Candice and I assure you a lot of other fansite runners do NOT like getting these hate tweets or hate messages because the wrestler that is associated with is a heel.  She's also received letters from Amazing Red fans thinking that she is Amazing Red and literally asking HIM why he left TNA.  You know if you had a question for him about that there was a Q&A a few months back, you could have asked that question til you were blue in the face.

I know it's a hard pill to swallow but here is the thing my loves, they are just fansites if they are in direct contact with the wrestler they will let you know.  Otherwise leave the fansite running alone all they are doing is providing updates to what the wrestler is currently doing.  Stop harassing them, stop sending them your hate mail, tweets and stop thinking that they are someone they are not.  In all honesty I dont want to know the many different personalities that Candice has taken on because as far as I know she has a very scary personality which is: A Nice Southern boy who is sometimes a high flying puerto rican who happens to be a cold hearted playa who is a giant with a killer knockout punch with a side order of being the devils favorite demon.  x-X pretty sure there is more to it.. but that is just scary 

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