Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wrestling Fans

They are a group of people that never cease to amaze me.  Yes I realize I am a wrestling fan myself but I'm talking about a group of wrestling fans that are one step above the rest.  When I say they are one step above the rest, I mean they are the ones that wrestlers seem to notice the most and seem to gain poor opinions of wrestlingf fans in the first place.  Without these special breed of wrestling fans, wrestlers wouldn't say half the things they say on their Twitters and Facebooks and Formsprings and other assorted social networking places. 

The darling wrestling fans I am talking about are the ones that believe that the wrestlers owe us something.  Something like RTs and Replies or more than that simple handshake or autograph.  Just so we make this very clear, they don't.  They don't owe us a thing.  Its up to them if they want to be nice or complete assholes.  Honestly you badger them for RTs and Replies they'll no doubt get pissy.  Its why when I get replies from wrestlers on Twitter I'm shocked.  If you expect nothing you might get something.  Its as simple as that.  So how about we get off these guys dicks and just be yourself on Twitter.  Okay?

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